Delving into the mysteries of life, death & beyond

Podcast #6

Podcast #6 asks:

- Are you The One?  Are you the Superhero sent to save the World?

- You see your Golden Future, you're in tune with Spirit, but your toilet is dirty and you can't pay the bills.  How are you going to make that Golden Future come true?

- Hearing voices in your head? Might be your spirit guides!  Take that call!

- Feeling like everyone has more spirit guides than you do?  Or you'd like to get a bigger wand?  Is spiritural materialism plaguing you?  What it is and how to deal with it.

- What are the karmic consequences of ending your life after a long illness?

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Podcast #5

Podcast #5 asks:

  • Life and all its tragedies: What is the point, how can I escape the bad things and why me?
  • And speaking of negativity: Is negativity bad, can I make it go away, should I make it go away?
  • Money, that’s what I want: Praying for money, is it a good idea, can I use magic to get more money?
  • I moved out of my last house but I left all my spells behind, what can I do to fix it? Do I really have to go back there?
  • Only the lonely: Why am I lonely and what can I do about it?
  • I have issues and I keep working on them and the next thing you know they are baaack. What’s wrong with me, am I ever going to be OK?

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Podcast #4

Podcast #4 asks:

  • Zombies: What are they, where can they be found, what are they up to? ARE YOU A ZOMBIE?
  • Lynn wants to know, am I psychic or am I making it all up?
  • Oh my gosh, I am so psychic and no one ever listens to me. Well, welcome to Club Cassandra - the psychic goddess no one believed. What do I do when I KNOW and no one believes and why do I need to know it anyway?
  • Seeing things again? What is the light I am seeing around people?
  • Mother trouble: What to do when her “prayers" are really curses?

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Podcast #3

Anger, sadness, fear: ah those troublesome feelings that just won't go away. Why do we have to put up with them and what are they good for?

Depression and all its complexity are the subject of our second question. What is the spiritual nature of this difficult illness?

Our caller answers her own question with a beautiful prescription for emotional pain.


Podcast #2

Podcast #2 asks:

  • Is everything OK in the world? Am I ok? Are you ok? Are we well?
  • A pagan, a witch and a shaman walk into a bar . . .
    Ever wonder what about the difference between a pagan, a witch, a mystic and a shaman?
  • Religious intolerance, Round 2: avoid or confront, avoid or confront?
  • What happens when you find yourself riding silver rabbits and talking to magical elders who are pointing arrows at your heart? Are you Alice in Underland or just dreaming?

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Podcast #1

Podcast #1 asks:

  • 2012: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Are we all going to die? Will it be super storms, planets cracking up, revelations or Romney in the Whitehouse? Just what is 2012 all about?
  • A woman wonders how to keep her magical boundaries while creating a public event?
  • Who ya gonna call? What to do is ghosts are following you around everywhere you go?
  • Are you feeling guilty? How can you stop from feeling bad about yourself if your feel everything you do poisoning the earth?
  • Pesky broom closet, how do I get out of you?
  • Religious intolerance, round one of many to come.

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