News & Happenings
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Pomegranate will be teaching at the northwest magic conference coming up in 1 week at the Forestry center. Follow the link to find out about the other amazing teachers and classes offered!

Ghosts: a lesson in handling the Unquiet Dead
Do you see dead people? Can you tell the difference between a ghost and an ancestor?  Learn tools for handling haunting, walk-ins and other troublesome unhappy death related problems.And learn some basic tools for helping living beings cross over to the other side.

Entering into Faery Magic: Meetings with the Faery Queen, Faery King and The Faery Bard
There is a Realm of power where the Sidhe (Faery) dwell. This living realm is available to offer its magics to Human Realm folk. The divine ones of Faery, The Faery Queen, Faery King and The Faery Bard have offered to come and meet with us. They are invested in the wild magics of the Good Green Earth. If you will aid them in calling back those wild magics they will share there secrets. Whoa! OK that’s cool, lets do it. Ill see you there. There will be a trance.

Ebenezer Galluzzo