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Ask Pomegranate Episode #26

Broadcasting live from the Northwest Magic Conference, Pomegranate and co-host Larry Savides recorded in front of a live audience.

That age old proble, is it me or is it my empathy? Who do these feelings belong to anyway?

Ever get a pinch or a poke from the spirits? What the heck is that about?

Sticky energy and tacky spirits, how do I clear off those pesky attachents?

A concerned mother asks about her daughter's pattern of getting into car accidents over and over. 


Ask Pomegranate Episode #25

Friends, if only it was just a sitcom. You better know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to ruuuuuuuuuunnnn.

When you're done just dating the Goddess and want to pop the big question, "will dedicate with me", gotta get down on more than one knee.

What about astrology, the north and south nodes, Saturn return, etc.? In which Pomegranate tells you EVERYTHING she knows about astrology. 

Mister Sandman, send me SOME DANG SLEEP! What are the magical reasons you have insomnia?

*Produced by Kaylene Beaujolais


Ask Pomegranate Episode #24


In this special episode Pomegranate suspends answering questions and instead focuses on the spiritual implications of the nightmarish 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump. 


*Produced by Kaylene Beaujolais


Ask Pomegranate Episode #23

**RECORDED PRE-ELECTION new episode coming very soon......


What’s the difference between turning your life OVER to the Goddess, and just having a loving energy on your team?


You move somewhere and you don’t feel like you’re jiving with the land spirits in the new place. What can you do to come into alignment and feel more at peace with where you’re at?



A beautiful, new term is born! “Soverenity”, sovereign meets serenity. Your birthright and being in your own personal power. 

*Produced by Kaylene Beaujolais


Ask Pomegranate Episode #22

1) Dang it, I'm so hard on myself, am I actually cursing myself? How can I make I stop? 

2) Getting to like Her, getting to know all about Her, hoping She likes me too. The Goddess, how do we mere mortals form a relationship with deity?

3) I love the color pink. Does it have spiritual meaning? What is the power of pink?

*This podcast is brought to you by the Portland School of Astrology

*Produced by Kaylene Beaujolais, journalist, priestess, tarot card reader


Ask Pomegranate Episode #21

Your Face book questions answered!

1) Can i be my own ancestor? what happens if one of the people in my bloodline has died in past few generations and i lose the guide connection with them? Does time really keep on slipping into the future?

2) My grandmother has advanced alzheimers and is barely responsive...she started hospice care a week ago. she said she would not want to live in that limbo thinking of doing a ritual with friends to help her let go....advice on helping the dying cross over?

3) What are the healthy phases of a new relationship with a serious future? Does it involve glass slippers or dwarves?

*This episode is brought to you by The Fernie Brae. A magical gallery in Southeast Portland.

*Produced by Kaylene Beaujolais


Ask Pomegranate Episode #20

Did you know you can study at the Pomegranate Doyle Night School of Magic? 

Oh yes you can and the cost is entirely karmic. Here is testimony from a student in the school.


Understanding power of the priestess to READ.

Honey, I'm going to "read" you.


Honey, let me read you. 


Honey, you need a reading. 


What’s the difference between surrender vs. quitting...or giving up? I don't know what? . . . Oh that wasn't a set up for a joke? Knock knock . . .



I'm so mad I could just . . . Wait a minute am I cursing when I'm angry? What kind of magic is ok when dealing with others bad behavior and why am I always running out of eye of newt?


Ask Pomegranate Episode #19

Like the song says "Dream on, dream on, dream until you dreams come true, or I can at least remember them." How can I get back in touch with my lucidity and remember my dreams?


Someone has A LOT of questions. How do you define soulmates? How do you define energy, science vs spiritual definition. What about past lives? How do they connect to this life and do they matter? How do get downtown from here?



What is your perspective on, What is your perspective on de ja vu? Sometimes I hear another voice in my head...usually when I am about to fall asleep. I heard it last night . . .


Ask Pomegranate Episode #18

  • Pick a little, talk a little: what to do when someone is viciously gossiping about you.
  • Are you a turtle without a shell? A redhead without sunscreen? What to do when you are a super sensitive empath.
  • Momma Mia, here we go again: why do we manifest our mother’s problems?

‚ÄčThis episode produced by Kaylene Beaujolais.

This episode sponsored by Blue Medicinals, Tarot readings and more with Iris Misciagna.


Ask Pomegranate Episode #17

Pomegranate sits down with friend and magical peer, Larry Savides. They have a stimulating conversation about their relationship to, and understanding of magic. Tune in to hear what they have to say about the political implications of magic, queer spirit and much more. Larry is likely to blow your mind so you may want to sit down for this episode. 


Larry Savides is a witch and offers shamanic counseling and healing sessions one on one in Portland, Oregon. He can be reached at



This episode produced by Kaylene Beaujolais, a witch and podcaster herself. Kaylene is available for psychic tarot readings and can help you with your podcast needs.