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Ask Pomegranate Episode #16

My karma ran over my dogma. ( sorry couldn't help myself) Is karma real, how does it work, can I escape it? 


"Fire burn and caldron bubble" let's talk about spells! 


You remember that scene in poltergeist with the kid looking into a TV and she says "they're here".  No? Oh you should go . . . On the other hand maybe not.




Ask Pomegranate Episode #15

Boundaries are the fundamental tool to live a good life. Self care starts with no, self love starts with yes and clarity starts with maybe.Its harder that you think.

  • Robin wants to know how do to be more assertive.Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.
  • Gender Roles, should we care? What are they? What is your gender anyway? (I'm a green faery)
  • UH OH, I got to go hang with my family and other humans. Is there magic for that?
  • I want, I need, I desire, but I am thwarted. Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy? How to use the power of manifesting properly.
  • Calling all Angels, Calling all Angels, well maybe not ALL Angels. What are Angels and what do you do with them once to get one?

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Ask Pomegranate Podcast #14

Podcast #14:

On this episode, Pomegranate asks the questions! She interviews her teacher, Anne Brannen, aka, Pandora O’Mallery. Pandora is a retired professor of midieval literature now living in New Mexico. Since 1981 Pandora has been practicing magic and today teaches classes and offers one on one life coaching services to students all over the world. Tune in to hear Pomegranate and Pandora talk about witchcraft, sacred drama, the holy grail, addiction and recovery, the faeries and more. 


All about Anne Brannen


This episode was produced by Kaylene Beaujolais.,



Ask Pomegranate Podcast #13

Podcast #13 Asks:

- I left my heart in San Francisco and a part of my soul to. How to move on after you've already moved.


- Rock and roll, I was rocked, we will rock you, between a rock and a hard place. What's with all this rock business and who are the rock people anyway?


- Are birth defects an indication of bad karma? Is it a choice? Why would I do that to myself? 


- Is it Mr Sandman or is it the boogie man. How to make a safe place to enter into the dream scape.

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Ask Pomegranate Podcast #12

Podcast #12 Asks:

- What's with all these voices in my head? Separating the good, from the ugly, from the bad.


- Money and stuff, objects and energy. Problems of the corporeal.


- I'm scared, Who isn't? What is your fear telling you? What are you going to do about it?


- Is it ever too soon to forgive? What happens when you want to forgive someone and you just can't?


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Ask Pomegranate Podcast #11

Podcast #11 asks:

- Are you a Mystic? Are you a psychic? Are you in Oracle? Are you Penn and Teller . . . Who is what and what is who when it comes to mysterious channeling?

-  Is it possible to be analytical and be mystical? Are they mutually exclusive or do you have to be Stephen Hawking? How to use all parts of your brain simultaneously.

- What is the proper care and feeding of my spirit guides?


This podcast is brought to you by the NW Magic Conference,, formerly known as Merry Meet

This episode was recorded, editied and produced by Kaylene Beaujolais,




Ask Pomegranate Podcast #10

Podcast #10 asks:

- How do I recover from an abusive relationship? Bonus: What is the difference between nice and kind?

- Your loving gives me a thrill but it don’t pay my bills. Money how does it change relationships?

- Blood and organ donations, is it a good idea magically and what are the spiritual consequences?

- Help, I am sponging up all the pain and sorrow of the world, how can I make it stop?

- I sorry, so sorry, that I let you down: Apology versus an amends. How to heal the damage we do to a relationship.


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AskPomegranate Podcast #9

Podcast #9 asks . . .

- What to do when someone gives you a gift that you just don't want? With all those strings attached? You want to be nice right? But what if it's a Trojan horse?

- Sticky, stringy, gooey, webby, nasty relationships that just won't let you go no matter what you do! How can you make them go away? And even after they’re gone, what can you do to clear yourself of those nasty, icky past relationships?

- Cue the eerie music. It's a scene from a horror picture. Flash the lightning! Suddenly, you see A Pentacle! Why are they so scary? What do they really mean? Oh those little five points stars, why do people find them so scary?

- Tony Soprano, Don Draper, that lady from the show Weeds. What's the deal with sociopaths in modern culture? Why are we so fixated on them? Why are they our antiheroes? I mean, would you really want to live with a REAL vampire?

- Evil, evil, evil what? Is it real? Are you evil, am I evil? What's the deal with evil? Does it exist and if it does why is it so powerful?


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Ask Pomegranate Podcast #8

What is the way of your people? What do you value in your collective relationships, what is the way of tribe you came to earth with? What is the way of the people you surround yourself with now?

-Feelings, whoa, whoa, whoa, feelings. I have all these feelings AND there is other people baggage. What do I do with my feelings and how do I decline to schlep others feelings around with me? 

-It has only been 6 months but my relationship is getting a little rocky, should I get out while the going is good or am I giving up too soon? There must be 50 ways to leave your lover, but how many ways are there to stay?

-Am I being psychic attacked? Am I being watched in my sleep? How the heck do I get some psychic protection up in here?

-Why do I feel so drained after doing a healing on my friend? Did I get the illness from the person I am helping?


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Podcast #7

Listen to this Special Bonus Podcast recorded at Merry Meet Portland 2013. 

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