Episode #15

Boundaries are the fundamental tool to live a good life. Self care starts with no, self love starts with yes and clarity starts with maybe.Its harder that you think.

  • Robin wants to know how do to be more assertive.Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.

  • Gender Roles, should we care? What are they? What is your gender anyway? (I'm a green faery)

  • UH OH, I got to go hang with my family and other humans. Is there magic for that?

  • I want, I need, I desire, but I am thwarted. Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy? How to use the power of manifesting properly.

  • Calling all Angels, Calling all Angels, well maybe not ALL Angels. What are Angels and what do you do with them once to get one?

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This episode was produced by Kaylene Beaujolais.

Ebenezer Galluzzo