Episode #9

- What to do when someone gives you a gift that you just don't want? With all those strings attached? You want to be nice right? But what if it's a Trojan horse?

- Sticky, stringy, gooey, webby, nasty relationships that just won't let you go no matter what you do! How can you make them go away? And even after they’re gone, what can you do to clear yourself of those nasty, icky past relationships?

- Cue the eerie music. It's a scene from a horror picture. Flash the lightning! Suddenly, you see A Pentacle! Why are they so scary? What do they really mean? Oh those little five points stars, why do people find them so scary?

- Tony Soprano, Don Draper, that lady from the show Weeds. What's the deal with sociopaths in modern culture? Why are we so fixated on them? Why are they our antiheroes? I mean, would you really want to live with a REAL vampire?

- Evil, evil, evil what? Is it real? Are you evil, am I evil? What's the deal with evil? Does it exist and if it does why is it so powerful?

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Ebenezer Galluzzo